SBT- SeCore Kits

SBT- SeCore Kits

SeCore SBT uses the Sanger sequencing method to sequence HLA Class I and Class II (A, B, C, DRB1, DRB3,4,5, DQB1 and DPB1) alleles from genomic DNA. High resolution, locus specific sequencing kits provide reagents for amplification, purification, and sequencing of HLA alleles. Denatured sequencing fragments are processed by capillary electrophoresis on a genetic analyzer. Output files generated by the genetic analyzer are imported into uTYPE™ HLA Sequence Analysis Software, which analyzes the output data against data from the IMGT/HLA database to determine molecular typing.


SeCore HLA typing kits combine the accuracy of bidirectional sequencing and the power and flexibility of our improved sequence analysis software to give you high resolution results.

• Bidirectional sequencing of Class I and Class II HLA alleles
• Identical cycling profiles for all loci reduces sample handling errors and improves efficiency
• Shorter amplification and sequencing time (90 minutes each) mean that the entire sequencing process can be completed in a single day
• Enhancements to uTYPE™ HLA Sequence Analysis Software for more efficient analysis, interpretation and reporting of results, including the option of displaying P and G groups1 on the analysis screen and reports.
• Robust allele identification of all loci and balanced allele peaks for heterozygous identification
• A comprehensive set of Group Specific Sequencing Primers (GSSPs) for resolving ambiguities
1Feature available in uTYPE RUO and CE-IVD only.


02 January 2018


Molecular Typing, SBT
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