Abbott’s exclusive dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurostimulator technology works by modulating the DRG, a group of spinal nerve cells adjacent to the dorsal nerve root. The DRG plays a critical role in the developmen and maintenance of chronic pain. It contains cell bodies of primary sensory neurons that undergo pathophysiologic changes underlying in chronic pain.

The DRG’s unique pain processes and its anatomical considerations make it an ideal interventional target to treat various focal chronic intractable pain conditions.



The DRG is a key epidural, intraspinal nerve structure that houses primary sensory neuron (PSN) cell bodies. These PSNs embody the primary source of sensory information flow from the periphery to the central nervous system and also represent an important processing point of sensory information.

Pain is one type of sensory information that flows and is processed by PSNs within the DRG. Normally pain represents an important protective sensory experience, but in pathological conditions pain becomes a chronic condition. Research has shown PSNs in the DRG are critically involved in the development and maintenance of chronic pain. Similarly, these neurons exhibit altered membrane properties such as increased excitability as well as abnormal and ectopic activity.5,6 While these pathophysiologic changes contribute to the chronic pain state, they also likely leave those cells more susceptible to influence by neuromodulation (stimulation) therapies.

The DRG itself is a robust structure with a consistent location in the epidural, intraspinal space. The ganglia are encapsulated in a dural sleeve that tapers, which allows minimal cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) to surround it. This minimal CSF layer in turn may allow for a closer and more stable neuronal-electrode interface.

{mp4 img="DRG- Life-Changing Technology for Chronic Pain"}DRG- Life-Changing Technology for Chronic Pain{/mp4}



Abbott is the first and only company to bring you FDA-approved therapy systems to stimulate the DRG. Made up of a specially designed stimulation lead and lead delivery technology, the neurostimulator system is designed to deliver targeted DRG therapy and optimize each patient’s unique pain needs. The lead delivery system interfaces with a stimulator compatible with wireless programmers

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